Why Support the Bow Taxpayers Group?

Why Support the Bow Taxpayer’s Group

This editorial will explain why it is important to have a thriving Taxpayer’s group in Bow.

Thank-you for subscribing to The Concerned Taxpayers of Bow’s Newsletter (on their website ) and please forward this on to your family and friends here in Bow.

The Concerned Taxpayers of Bow strives to bring Bow residents together in in the spirit of the neighbor-helping-neighbor tradition that has made Bow a great place to live. This includes a neighborly tradition that ensures that people can afford to stay in their homes because a taxpayer friendly solution is achieved.

Last year the Concerned Taxpayers of Bow (CTB) was formed to prevent a potentially devastating spike in taxes. In the few months prior to the Town Meeting we were successful in the following:

  • CTB identified taxpayer friendly citizens to run for office
  • CTB was also successful in informing the voters of Bow that there were dramatically more cost effective means to meet the needs of Bow than some of those being presented in the warrant
  • CTB was also successful in getting out the informed vote and last year’s Town Meeting was one of the best attended meetings in recent memory
  • CTB is motivated to making sure that those high turnouts will continue to be the norm
  • CTB gives you a voice and a choice
  • CTB gives you a platform to have your voice heard loud and clear
  • CTB gives you hope that you will be able to afford to live in your home here in Bow and not be driven out because of excessive taxes

The Concerned Taxpayers of Bow know that there is more work to be done. We want to make sure that if you truly are a taxpayer friendly candidate, who is running for local office that you will get the support you need in order to succeed.

We are also concerned about the several dozen voters who came to the Town Meeting last year but left before the first vote, because of all the unnecessary delays. We want to bring awareness that your right to vote was infringed. We will work hard to make sure that your right to vote is not infringed again in the future.

With your support we can improve on how your hard earned tax dollars are spent here in Bow. Please continue to support The Concerned Taxpayers of Bow and encourage your family and friends to do so as well.

Thank You

Please download the PDF here: The Concerned Taxpayers of Bow