Letter: Our Golden Goose is Dying

Though Bow has seen the closing of our major taxpayer for 55 years, the PSNH Merrimack Station, as something that was eventually coming down the road, the end of the road is now upon us.

At our recent town meeting, 576 voters stayed for a vote on whether to make a $5 million investment in a new safety building. We didn’t get a chance to vote on whether to spend about 10 percent of that amount to try to live a little bit longer with our existing facilities.

The $5 million Warrant Article 3 missed a two-thirds majority by eight votes, and a motion was made for reconsideration. The reconsideration vote will be on Thursday, March 19, and I urge every voter in Bow to attend that meeting. There is a lot at stake for all of our households.
As Chuck Douglas so eloquently put it at our meeting, we are the congress of Bow and it is how we vote that determines the direction of our town.