Breaking the Bow Town/School District Meeting Paradigm

Last year the Concerned Taxpayers of Bow (CTB) put a crack in the Bow Town/School District Meeting Paradigm. The existing Bow Town/School District Meeting Paradigm has transformed Bow from a tax friendly town to a town that overburdens families and businesses with excessive taxes. The catalyst for that paradigm change was the high turnout of well-informed voters at last year’s Town Meeting.

The existing Bow Town/School District Meeting Paradigm depends on:
– Low voter turnout. The voter is not motivated to go to the meeting because they think they have no choices and the outcome is predetermined.

– Long drawn out meetings causing the voter to go home early even though there are many important votes still remaining. This happened at last year’s meeting.

– The voters not knowing the meeting rules causing frustration and apathy.

The CTB believes the solution to breaking Bow Town/School District Meeting Paradigm is to repeatedly turnout high numbers of well-informed tax friendly voters. CTB wants to bring the people of Bow together in the proven traditions that have made Bow a great place to live. CTB wants you to know that if you are concerned about your taxes that they have your back. We know that when like-minded people have your back and are willing to work with you it makes the meetings less stressful. A less stressful meeting opens the opportunity for a more enjoyable gathering like when parents and their kids meet at the sliding hill or at our children’s sporting events or meeting our neighbors from across town at the old transfer station.

So this year bring your family, call a friend across town or down the street and join your taxpayer friendly friends at Town Meeting.